How can this energy benefit me?

/How can this energy benefit me?

How can this energy benefit me?

People who have received these life changing energy transmissions report a number of very positive outcomes. Some note better sleep, greater freedom from fear of the future, increased financial rewards, healing of physical ailments, increased mental alertness, and higher energy levels to mention a few. Perhaps one of the biggest benefits people report is finding their purpose in life. This transformative energy is very intelligent and it will address the most important matters in one’s life in any given moment, so as to connect you more powerfully toward your unfolding journey.

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About the Author:

Dr. William Plikerd is an Energy healer and a pioneer in the field of Life Force, who enhances lives physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Now in retirement from Orthodontics, Dr. Bill continues his dedication to be of benefit to humanity through transmitting Life Force Energy… which connects you to yourself and to creation itself. Through these Divine energy transmissions, he will bring in an extraordinary transformation in your life!

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